Historically Black College1分11选5走势图s and Universities Tour


ATTENTION...HBCU ANNOUNCEMENT!  the registration for the 1分11选5走势图 Artis Yancey HBCU tour is now closed!

The Artis Yancey HBCU tour started in 2013 with the passion and determination of Supervisor Patricia Jones with the full support of the Board of Trustees. Her purpose was to encourage students to pursue goals and not to settle for anything less than what they desire. Investing in our youth is an initiative that is crucial to the success of Waukegan Township’s future.

Waukegan Township has undertaken the community initiative “Investing in Our Future.”  Whether it's providing a boost to the booster club, providing funding for a local middle 1分11选5走势图 trip to Springfield or just providing a day with a movie, mentors and positive activities, Waukegan Township has taken a stand that our children are the future of our country1分11选5走势图 and we must start with them.

Each year the Artis Yancey Historically Black College1分11选5走势图 and University tour takes approx. 25 - 40 students on a 7-10 day trip to visit Historical Black College1分11选5走势图s & Universities. This HBCU Tour Experience consists of a bus trip taken during spring break. Students range from the 9th through 12th grades.

Along with the college visits and tours, the students also visit local museums and historical sites to round out their experience.  Statistics show that the Northshore area only has a 75% graduation rate compared to 87% statewide.  According to counselors and teachers,  only 30% of those graduating in the district go on to a post-secondary educational institution.  Waukegan Township and its partners want to enhance the opportunities for those wishing to attend a college or university after high 1分11选5走势图. 

The Artis Yancey HBCU Tour benefits students from all races and financial backgrounds. Students visit 1分11选5走势图s that offer the same degrees they are looking for in smaller classrooms. HBCU's offer personalized training. Their tuition can be more cost-effective.

While on tour, students will be immersed in campus life, exposed to culture and history first hand. More importantly, students will have the educational advantage of moving forward from high 1分11选5走势图 to institutions of higher learning.  An additional benefit is the monthly informational sessions which provide college-prep workshops for those students who decide to become participants in the tour.

In 2015 the tour was renamed to honor an outstanding humanitarian, Mr. Artis Yancey, who served the City of Waukegan as a highly respected Police Detective and Chief of Police as well as the first African American elected to the office of Waukegan City Clerk. Mr. Yancey was the first African American Coroner in Lake County.  The legacy of Artis Yancey represents a dedication to the City of Waukegan and Community; especially the youth. He passionately believed in the power of higher education and providing high 1分11选5走势图 students with the opportunity of the onsite experience of touring Historically Black College1分11选5走势图s and Universities within the United States. For several years, Chief Yancey unselfishly volunteered his time as a chaperone, providing parents the comfort of knowing their children were in good hands and to the students, he offered insight to the options that were available to them.